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Getting a Loved One to Go to Toronto Rehab

Nothing is harder than watching a loved one go through a drug or alcohol addiction. Whether it’s a spouse, a parent, or a son or daughter, it can be a heartbreaking reality to swallow. 

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It’s too simple to put on blinders and justify this person’s behavior as the result of sickness, fatigue, or some other stretched reason. However, for the sake of this family member’s long-term health, it’s important to eventually stare reality in the face and accept it for what it is. Only then can that family member gets the help that they so desperately need. Here’s how to convince a loved one to enter Toronto rehab.
First, learn as much as possible. Research alcohol or drug addiction. Look up local rehab facilities in the Toronto area. 

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Find support groups too and bookmark these for later, once the loved one has passed the rehab program. Consider some support groups for family members with addicted loved ones and get in touch with the people there. 

These groups can have actual meetings or just communicate online. Regardless, it feels good having people around who understand.
Next, create a plan of attack. One can’t go into this just winging it. It’s quite likely that the addicted loved one will believe that they don’t have a problem with their substance of choice. 

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They may insist that they’re not really addicted and can quit when they want. Don’t fall for this and don’t allow guilt-tripping. Be firm at all times.

When discussing the need for rehab with the family member, make sure to watch tone. Don’t give the addict ultimatums. Don’t threaten them unless willing to follow up. Claiming to kick the family member out of the house unless they go to rehab may scare them in the moment, but without actually doing it, the addict knows that the threat meant nothing. 

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Don’t be mean or harsh when speaking to the family member. Instead, try to be sympathetic, letting them know how much life has changed for the worse for the whole family since this loved one became addicted.

Don’t set some arbitrary date to get the family member into rehab. Push for it to happen now, today. Of course, there’s always the chance that the addict will decline the request to go to rehab.

In that case, it may be best to get in touch with a rehab facility in Toronto, who can help a family organize an intervention which will likely be more effective. Help is possible. Call today.

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