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Treating Addiction And Depression Comorbidity

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Drug and addiction often go hand in hand, with researchers often expressing disagreement as to whether depression is a risk factor for addiction or the other way around. Regardless of this chicken or egg argument, it is important for those suffering from depression and addiction to work to resolve both issues. In the typical Toronto rehab facility, addiction treatment is pursued first, simply because addiction to certain substances is believed to be of even more urgent concern than depression. Once the physical addiction has subsided, it may be possible for rehab patients to begin working to resolve addiction and depression issues in conjunction.

Determining The Cause Of Depression 

It is important for rehab visitors with depression to attempt to determine when, exactly, their symptoms began and whether they were connected to drug or alcohol abuse.
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Those who believe that they suffered from depression prior to spiraling into addiction are at greater risk of relapse, and thus, must take additional steps to prevent a return to drug abuse. Treatment requirements for those who fell into depression due to addiction may, in some cases, be lesser than for those who suffered the reverse.

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Prescription Drugs As Depression And Addiction Treatment

The right medication could potentially have a stabilizing effect on a particular patient, making it easier for him or her to avoid the self-medicating that led to addiction in the first place. That being said, psychiatrists must take great care when writing antidepressant prescriptions for patients who have struggled with addiction in the recent past. Unfortunately, there is always the potential for a relapse. Certain antidepressant medications can prove dangerous if combined with alcohol, and, as such, patients struggling with alcohol abuse are typically steered away from selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. Some patients, however, have achieved success with the help of Wellbutrin and Zyban.

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How Therapy And Counseling Can Help With Both Depression And Addiction 

For those wary of taking a medication-based approach to drug treatment, therapy or counseling alone may be enough to resolve both issues. Solo meetings with therapists and counselors may prove very useful, as these resources offer targeted feedback and useful strategies. Therapy groups such as those related to the 12 Steps Program also serve as excellent outlets, keeping recovering individuals accountable and showing them that they are not alone. With hard work and a solid support group, it is more than possible for those with addiction and depression comorbidities to resolve both problems.

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