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Determining the Right Rehab Options

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Addiction is a prominent issue within today's society, as each day, more people are becoming addicted to some substance. Canada statistics shows nearly 11% of the population has a problem with alcohol or drug abuse. That rate is growing and at an alarming rate. However, many addicts reach a point in their life that leaves them coming to terms with the addiction that once controlled their life, this is where Toronto rehab and addiction services come into focus. There are many different forms of addiction services available to those who are in need of them, such as inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, counseling, medication and more.

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The Different Types of Treatment

When people think of rehab, their minds automatically wander to a view of white walls and a clinical atmosphere, which for an addict, can be a very scary view. Reality is that there are many different addiction services available to people. Some services are completed inpatient, some are completely outpatient, and some are a mixture of both. Which method(s) of treatment that are chosen depends solely on the individual who needs said treatment. Below are just a few different options available to those who are seeking drug and alcohol rehab services.

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• Traditional Inpatient Rehab

• Outpatient Rehab

• Counseling

• Drug Replacement Therapy

• Behavioral Therapy

• Support Groups

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The Right Choice

Choosing which route to take when it comes to rehab can be a very difficult decision. What was right for someone, may not be right for someone else. However, receiving some rehab service is better than receiving none. When choosing which route to take, the patient should consider how much treatment they think they need, and how much treatment they're ready for at the moment. Committing to stopping the use of an illicit substance can be very scary and stressful, for this reason as much thought as possible should be given to choosing the right recovery plan. It should be noted that multiple rehab choices can be combined to form one complete recovery plan. For instance, the patient may feel more comfortable starting with an inpatient treatment to get through the first week, and then switching to an outpatient facility combined with replacement therapy and counseling. The patient's doctor should be able to tell which route is best for the patient, while also keeping the patient's wants and needs in mind.

Drug addiction and substance abuse is controlling, and getting help is scary. With rehab and addiction services available, nearly anyone should be able to get clean and live a happy and healthy life.

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