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Speaking to a Loved One About Alcoholism

toronto rehab Watching a loved one live with alcoholism is never easy. However, mustering up the courage and strength to actually sit down and talk with a loved one about their problems with alcohol can be even more of a challenge. Still, many people who are dealing with alcoholism don't realize that they have a problem; as a result, they need concerned loved ones to intervene and encourage them to get the help they need. Here are a few helpful tips for speaking with a loved one about alcoholism.

Gather a Support System
toronto rehab Even for those who are very close with somebody who has an alcohol problem, it's not a good idea to go into the conversation alone. Instead, gathering a few close family members and friends to intervene as a group is a better idea. This will get the person to see that it's not just one other person who sees the alcohol issue at play; as a result, they'll be more likely to admit to having a problem.

Just be careful not to bring too many people into the conversation, as this can cause the person to become overwhelmed and withdraw as a result.

Research Rehab Centers
It's also a good idea to go into an intervention armed with knowledge. This means taking the time to do some research into Toronto rehab centers ahead of time. Not only will this show the person that everybody is serious about getting him or her help, but it will also save him or her from feeling alone in doing the research.
Bringing along brochures, pamphlets, and other information on possible rehab centers is a great idea. Just be sure to gauge the person's response to the intervention before beginning to talk about the possibility of going to rehab.

toronto rehab

Be Prepared for Rejection

Most of the time, an initial intervention isn't enough to convince a person that they have a problem with alcohol. Therefore, if they don't seem open to the idea right away, that's okay. It's important to be careful not to push the idea on them or pressure them into anything right away. Instead, it may be better to revisit the idea a few weeks down the road when they may be more open to seriously considering getting help or going to rehab, whether it be an in-patient or out-patient treatment program.

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