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"Cold Turkey" Or Cutting Down

Sometimes a former smoker may boast that he or she went "cold turkey" when quitting the habit. Others suggest that a gradual withdrawal from smoking was the only way to enter a state of complete abstinence from nicotine. However, graduate reduction of illicit substances like heroin is often a futile endeavor without support from a recovery center or Toronto rehab facility. Some addicts attempting to stop the habit of opiate addiction may enter a treatment plan that includes using methadone as a substitute for drugs.

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Gradual Reduction of Substance Abuse Methadone is designed to reduce the withdrawal symptoms of getting off heroin. Some addicts want to quit, but are afraid of the incredibly painful effects of withdrawal. Methadone effectively lengthens the time necessary to quit heroin, but during methadone treatments, the withdrawal symptoms are supposed to feel less intense. Withdrawal and Quitting Abruptly As is not surprising, the withdrawal symptoms of quitting opiates like heroin are much more severe than those experienced during cessation of smoking. Within just a few days of quitting, an addict might experience incredible anxiety, profuse sweating, body aches, and nervous agitation.

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After those first few days of torture, additional symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, cramping, and nausea may occur. For many, these symptoms are worse than the prospect of dying because of an overdose. Unfortunately, a person need not even be a long-term addict to experience the difficult symptoms of withdrawal. For individuals who quit and have a relapse shortly after quitting, the likelihood of overdose increases because the body's tolerance for the drug has decreased, and the side effects of withdrawal have impacted the person's health. Motivation for Change and Recovery Personal motivation and dedication are essential whether an addict chooses an abrupt cessation of drug use or whether he or she chooses a lengthier recovery plan that gradually reduces drug use. However, an important consideration for choosing a recovery plan is the danger that using drugs presents. Although gradual cessation might feel easier, each time a person uses an illicit substance, his or her life is in danger.

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One of the most important features of a successful recovery program is the outside support an addict receives during the process. Going "cold turkey" alone is infinitely harder than when there are friends, family, or healthcare workers available for mental support. A support system is the most important feature of a successful treatment program for substance abuse.

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