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When a loved one is battling with addiction, the desire to get them help is huge. Often, that person doesn’t realize they have a problem and an intervention is what gets them to recognize their issues and get the help they need.

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Setting one up takes a lot of planning and is best done with well-trained assistance. The staff at a Toronto rehab can work with family members and friends with the intricacies of what is entailed in an intervention so that they can focus on getting their loved one the help they need.

Non-confrontational and supportive
toronto rehabThe first thing to know before going into any sort of intervention is that, while they are jarring to the recipient, they are meant to be presented in the most comforting and caring way possible. The purpose is to open the addict’s eyes to their situation and how it is affecting others in their lives.

Keeping that in mind can also be difficult for those affected by the actions of their family member or friend, which is why having a representative from the rehab center involved is so important. They are skilled in how to prepare and what tools are needed to keep the entire process on track in a supportive, giving way.

Keeping focused on the end game
toronto rehabThe goal of the intervention is to have the addicted individual go into treatment and the professionals at a rehab center are equipped in helping maintain focus and purpose during these meetings. Because of how emotional things can get, they will be there to make sure the intervention doesn’t escalate too far and so that the end result is what everyone is hoping for.

Willing attendance required
While interventions, by definition, are nonconsensual surprises to the addicted individual, ultimately the purpose is to get them to acquiesce on their own. It’s why they are as non-confrontational, supportive and with a keen focus on the goal.

toronto rehabPeople are usually encouraged to write letters to the individual, sharing their feelings about how their behavior has affected them, the concerns they have and what they are prepared to do should they not get the help they need. The letter acknowledges that what the addict is dealing with is a disease that is no different than cancer or diabetes, and how the writer realizes that.

As these letters are read and discussions ensue around what has been presented, the rehab representative is there to help guide how things move forward and assist in addressing any concerns, questions, or issues all of this information brings up for the recipient. That gentle working through is meant to create a level of comfort and a feeling of trust so that the decision to agree to seek treatment truly is their own and is one they feel good about making.

Treatment vs. cure

Agreeing to get help is just the first in many steps that will come for the addict. Working with a Toronto rehab center and their team, when seeking assistance for getting them on that road, will go a long way toward ensuring each step after is leading them into a healthy long life.

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The Importance of Community Support for Addictive Behaviors

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Addiction has often been treated as a disease that is condemned by the system and punished in nearly every form. Addicts often face punishment for breaking the law, but then they also face social stigma, lost jobs and a community that looks at their record as stained. Yet, an old experiment clearly showed the importance of psychological and environmental effects on the behavior of individuals on the path to addiction.

In the past, addicts were often blamed for picking up and continuing bad habits. Now, the thinking has vastly changed, but the behavior is still seen as a problem caused by the drugs used, rather than circumstance. An old study that was largely forgotten and ignored may hold the real key to understanding addiction and recovery. addiction services toronto

Rat Park was a study done in the late 1970s on a colony of rats and drugs. Two groups of rats were given options for morphine-dosed water and regular water. The difference between the two groups of rats came in their environment and community. One group of rats were given plenty of space and options for entertainment. 

The second group of rats were confined to a much smaller space. Surprisingly, the rats that were given adequate space, toys, food and companionship did not struggle with addiction and chose the plain water the majority of the time. The second group in poor conditions consumed much more morphine.

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The hypothesis published in the 1980s as a result of Rat Park was that the drugs did not cause the addiction, the living conditions did. Additionally, isolated rats without companionship struggled with even higher levels of addiction, relieving their distress by the pharmacologically treated water. This experiment showed a clear connection between addictive behaviors and the poor conditions that lead towards individual depression. drug addiction toronto

Toronto rehab clinics center their recovery programs around the idea of community support. Most addicts find great relief from a support group that fully understands their struggles and helps support them in making better life choices. Group and individualized therapy sessions can help restore a strong sense of community and support. 

Additionally, many patients find they are further helped when they receive the support of friends and family that can help them transition back into regular, day-to-day life after rehab. Often, the network of support is vital in helping an individual maintain their strength against depression, improve their personal conditions and get a good job that will help them become productive members of society once more.

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Understanding the Types of Drug Rehabilitation Programs

toronto rehabLearning that a loved one is battling a drug addiction is heartbreaking for most people. Often, the person addicted to drugs behaves in a way that makes it hard for people to have compassion for them. They may fabricate stories or steal to feed their addiction; however, people have to understand that drug addiction is a health issue, and it can be treated. Long-Term Care Options Toronto rehab offer long-term care options that facilitate recovery. Long-term care offers drug addicts the ability to change their surrounding completely. With a change of surroundings, they have no longer have access to friends and other people who enable their drug addiction. Additionally, long-term care provides addicts with daily activities that will help them cope with their addiction. From group therapy sessions to one-on-one sessions that help addicts deal with both the physical and psychological aspects of beating their drug addiction.

toronto rehabShort-Term Residential Care Short-term care is another option when it comes to dealing with drug addiction. Short-term care is a popular option that provides treatment for up to a year. During the treatment, people addicted to drugs will likely spend half their time as a patient in a hospital-like setting, while the remaining portion of their treatment will be outside of the facilities. Short-term care helps addicts detox from the drugs they depend on each day.

toronto rehabWhen they are admitted, they will be forced to undergo detox because they won’t have access to their favorite drug. As they become stronger, they can then apply all the strategies they’ve learned in short-term rehabilitation to their real life, which is far better than them trying to overcome their addiction on their own. Short-term care offers a quick option to rehabilitation, which allows individuals who use drugs to get back to their normal life, absent their drug use.

toronto rehabOutpatient Treatment Options Outpatient treatment for drug addiction is a cost-effective way for people to get treatment. In outpatient treatment, people aren’t committed to a facility, which allows them to continue working. Although the efficacy of the programs is challenged by some people, if a person who is addicted to drugs puts in the effort, they can overcome their addiction. There are many rehabilitation options for individuals who are battling drug addictions. For people who are truly concerned about their loved one’s well-being, finding a treatment option is the first step in helping them beat their drug addiction.

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Getting a Loved One to Go to Toronto Rehab

Nothing is harder than watching a loved one go through a drug or alcohol addiction. Whether it’s a spouse, a parent, or a son or daughter, it can be a heartbreaking reality to swallow. 

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It’s too simple to put on blinders and justify this person’s behavior as the result of sickness, fatigue, or some other stretched reason. However, for the sake of this family member’s long-term health, it’s important to eventually stare reality in the face and accept it for what it is. Only then can that family member gets the help that they so desperately need. Here’s how to convince a loved one to enter Toronto rehab.
First, learn as much as possible. Research alcohol or drug addiction. Look up local rehab facilities in the Toronto area. 

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Find support groups too and bookmark these for later, once the loved one has passed the rehab program. Consider some support groups for family members with addicted loved ones and get in touch with the people there. 

These groups can have actual meetings or just communicate online. Regardless, it feels good having people around who understand.
Next, create a plan of attack. One can’t go into this just winging it. It’s quite likely that the addicted loved one will believe that they don’t have a problem with their substance of choice. 

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They may insist that they’re not really addicted and can quit when they want. Don’t fall for this and don’t allow guilt-tripping. Be firm at all times.

When discussing the need for rehab with the family member, make sure to watch tone. Don’t give the addict ultimatums. Don’t threaten them unless willing to follow up. Claiming to kick the family member out of the house unless they go to rehab may scare them in the moment, but without actually doing it, the addict knows that the threat meant nothing. 

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Don’t be mean or harsh when speaking to the family member. Instead, try to be sympathetic, letting them know how much life has changed for the worse for the whole family since this loved one became addicted.

Don’t set some arbitrary date to get the family member into rehab. Push for it to happen now, today. Of course, there’s always the chance that the addict will decline the request to go to rehab.

In that case, it may be best to get in touch with a rehab facility in Toronto, who can help a family organize an intervention which will likely be more effective. Help is possible. Call today.

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People Searching for Substance Abuse Treatment Should Find a Facillity With a Clear Mission

For the brave people who have decided to seek help for their drug addiction, it is critical to find the right kind of help when considering a Toronto rehab center. It is often frightening enough just admitting that they suffer from a drug abuse problem, so they should reward themselves by finding a drug treatment center and program that is in tune with their needs and can help them reach their goals.

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What Type of Mission Can a Prospective Drug Treatment Patient Look for in a Rehab Facility?
Toronto rehab A rehab treatment center's mission statement can work as a guide post for prospective patients who aren't sure just what they need from their rehabilitation center. The most fundamental mission that these facilities offer involves their earnest commitment to facilitating rehabilitation and recovery services for substance abuse patients, as well as providing these patients with education regarding efforts to prevent drug and alcohol addiction. The facility also commits to a mission to continually provide critical information to the patient, family and friends to maintain a supportive environment for the patient from every facet of their lives. Patients have tried to remove drugs and alcohol from their lives on their own, and it hasn't worked, so facilities understand the dire importance in bringing in as much support as possible at every turn.

Toronto rehab Rehab centers want to instill a sense of hope, love and support that work as tools in each patient's kit while undergoing treatment and for the rest of their lives. Once patients leave the rehab facility, the same challenges that caused them to seek help will still exist. They will need a strong cache of tools that they can use in a variety of tricky situations. Ultimately, with the right approach and a receptive patient, they will find that they are on a path of spiritual, emotional and physical health that is precious and worth working hard to maintain.

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Some additional features to consider that might make the patient's choice of facilities easier include the following:
  • Hires fully certified counselors who have practical experience working with substance abuse patients.
  • Centers each offer a warm and non-institutional environment.
  • Offer a warm and engaging alumni community to keep a steady stream of support for new patients while also serving as an ongoing source of support for those who have graduated.

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There is a Correlation Between Cooler Seasons and Addiction Rates

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People have been known to be happier and perkier on warmer sunny days in comparison to dark dreary cooler days. This may be just a quirk that occasionally happens, being a little down on these dreary days. Or it may be a sign of the recognized seasonal effective disorder known as SAD that causes some people to experience depression during the bleak season. Depression is bad enough on its own, and deserves professional care and treatment. However depression in addition to addiction has further implications that should be addressed.

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What Does This all Mean for People Suffering from Addiction? People who are struggling with substance abuse or addiction recovery may find themselves needing additional help to remain clean during the winter season. Recognizing this in advance means that overcoming the roadblock of depression without resorting to old habits is possible with advance preparation. It may be more important than ever for family members to plan an intervention to get their loved one into a quality toronto rehab program in those winter months.

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If an addict is already on the road to recovery, knowing the signs of SAD and being open to receiving professional help in advance can turn a relapse into a chance to be stronger than ever. Getting through the winter clean can mean a spring that is brighter than ever. There are methods to prevent SAD that may be useful for those who feel they may not require professional care. Making sure to get some exercise outdoors every single day is great for overcoming SAD, even on those freezing days.

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A heat lamp with UV lighting can perk up the receptors in the brain that seem to be sleeping during the winter. And bright colors have also been proven to help perk up a person who suffers from SAD, at least a bit. These practices are useful for people who want to prevent getting the winter blues or worse, seasonal effective disorder. However if they are not effective it is vital that a person does not resort to drug or alcohol use to get by. After the darkest night comes the dawn, and seeing the sunrise after fighting with substance abuse is possible but it will not be easy.

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Things to Consider When Exploring Toronto Rehab Centers

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There are all kinds of Toronto rehab centers that treat various aspects of addictions. Choosing the best one to meet the needs of a family member, friend, or loved one is not always as easy as it seems. The reason is simple. Different treatment centers are designed with different focuses and methodologies in mind. That is why it’s important to consider these critical things when exploring treatment options.

Types of Addictions Treated

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Some facilities specialize in certain treatments. Just as people come to addictions from different backgrounds and for different reasons, the drugs themselves have different effects on the brain and the body. These effects must be treated differently. So must the withdrawal symptoms from different drugs.

It’s important to know the specific drug(s) the loved one is addicted to in order to get the right kind of treatment options for that particular drug. Make finding facilities that have experience and expertise treating the specific addiction a priority.

Methods for Treating Addiction

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There are many different methods for treating addiction. The most effective drug addiction treatment facilities offer more than one method in order to address the varied needs of their patients. These are some of the most common treatment options available today.
  • Abstinence only programs.
  • Residential treatment programs.
  • 12-step programs.
  • Behavioral therapy.
  • Outpatient therapy.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy.
The more opportunities facilities offer to treat addiction, the greater number of people they have the opportunity to treat effectively.

Support Available to Patients and their Families

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Support is what sets one program apart from all others. Support needs to come in the form of counseling, education, and building the patient up again. People who suffer from drug addiction have a long road ahead of them when it comes to healing. Far longer than their time in even the best Toronto rehab program. Look for programs that offer self-help opportunities, work to rebuild self-esteem, and that attempt to teach patients to value who they are as people before returning them to their daily routines.

Finding the right rehab facility in a city like Toronto may not be the easiest thing to do, but it is a worthwhile decision. The most important thing is to help that friend or loved one get the help he or she needs sooner rather than later.